Save Big by Using Smart Fleet GPS Tracking Device

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There are far better ways to monitor a person or a car loaded with your valuables than by calling them on the hour to check their whereabouts. Not only is this system of checking unreliable, it also does not allow you to do any tracking in the time between the calls. There is no way you can prevent a theft from occurring since there is no real time tracking possible.

Technology has provided a solution to many of our security problems and this includes providing us with a smarter and more effective way of keeping track of vehicles that are carrying important people or cargo. While a tracking device can be used to track anything from people and assets to vehicles, its application in homes is limited. It is the transportation industry which has benefited the most from smart GPS fleet tracking device enabling them to improve productivity and reduce costs significantly.

But not all GPS systems are equally effective in helping you keep track of fleet and material. Some are designed to provide better input and work more subtly to provide you with far greater tracking data in a manner that is much less conspicuous. GPS just does that and in a manner that helps businesses achieve far greater turnaround times than before.

The best way to track a fleet is to make the device as unobtrusive as possible so the driver is unaware of its presence. This also makes it possible to track any activities that may not be in accordance with company policy and constitute a safety hazard. Smart fleet GPS tracking device from us does just that, no bigger than the size of a credit card, it is small enough to fit under the dashboard without being noticed which is why it is the device most in demand for any kind of covert installation or tracking operation. A compact easily portable device, it does not contain any antennas or fixtures that can easily be tampered with or make it easily noticeable.

With next generation technology that enables update notification every 2 minutes while the vehicle is in motion and a location update every hour when the vehicle is in stand still mode, smart fleet GPS tracking device makes it impossible for anyone to tamper with the system or the vehicle. Added featured like the option to receive an alert if the vehicle is moved without the ignition being turned on as well as to watch a full replay the route later make the smart fleet GPS tracking device one of the most sought after covert tracking device in the world.

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