GPS Technologies returns for the Sea Tow 2014 Annual Meeting

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Sea Tow 2014 Annual Meeting

GPS Technologies attended the 2014 Annual Sea Tow Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina. Invited, for the third year in a row, GPS Technologies offered special pricing on the Vehicle Trak 2500 to Sea Tow franchise attendees.

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Vehicle Trak 2500 is one of our more popular tracking systems, said Malcolm Rosenfeld, President of GPS Technologies. It’s reliable, compact has a built-in antenna and is easy to install. It¹s one minute updates records the speed and direction of a boat and the No Wake zones are easily identified using Google maps.

Founded in 1999, GPS Technologies is a leader in the industry providing gps tracking solutions to businesses throughout North America, Central and South America.

Our thanks to the following franchisees for using GPS Technologies:

  • Sea Tow Freeport
  • Sea Tow Fort Lauderdale
  • Sea Tow Fort Myers
  • Sea Tow Georgetown
  • Sea Tow Horseshoe Beach
  • Sea Tow Jacksonville & Key West
  • Sea Tow Naples
  • Sea Tow New Orleans
  • Sea Tow Charleston
  • Sea Tow Northern Chesapeake
  • Sea Tow Ocean Isle
  • Sea Tow Savannah
  • Sea Tow Pensacola
  • Sea Tow Port Richie
  • Sea Tow Sarasota
  • Sea Tow Tampa Bay
  • Sea Tow Treasure Coast
  • Sea Tow Venice
  • Sea Tow Virgin Islands
  • Sea Tow Wrightsville Beach

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