Affordable Full Time GPS Vehicle Tracking Unit

The Teen Track is a low cost full time tracking unit that can provide 5, 2 or 1 minute update intervals. The Unit will provide stops, stop lengths, idle time, ignition on and off, mileage driven, routes followed, addresses and Google map views of every location. Geo-fencing, land marking, email alerts are all included in the monthly fee.

Why Choose GPS Technologies?

  • We’ve been a family-owned and –operated business since 1998, with more than 20 years of industry experience!
  • We offer software solutions for a wide range of industries, encompassing all tracking demands.
  • Our products and services extend to companies small and large.
  • With GPS you get personalized service – no cookie-cutter solutions!
  • We offer rental products, as well as wholesale tracking technologies.
  • No lengthy contracts – our customers stay with us because we provide superior service.
  • Our tracking and reporting gives you insights into productivity.
  • We source the right equipment for your specific needs.


  • Low cost
  • 2 year warranty
  • Flexible update plans; 5, 2, 1 minute updates
  • Stop locations with addresses provided
  • Built in Geo fences, landmarking, speed alerts via email or cell
  • Locate On Demand if needed
  • Mileage and routes show.
  • Low battery notification
  • Built in antennas and wiring harness
  • Small size: 3 ½” X 2” X ½”
  • Covert installation

Update Plans (Please call to select & order update plans)

Every 5 Minutes Every 2 Minutes Every 1 Minute
$14.95/month $18.95/month $19.95/month

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