Keep an Eye on Your Car with GPS Tracking Devices and Systems

August 24, 2016 Published by

The GPS Tracking Device is a revolutionary invention which makes it a trouble-free task to keep track of your vehicles. It is a positioning system that records the exact location of your automobile and shows it over your cell phone screen with accurate time. Although apart from tracing your vehicle’s location, a GPS Tracking System can also be employed to trace your valuable assets, pets and children, but this device is widely and chiefly used to track the automobiles and fleets all across the globe, and is best known for Vehicle Tracking. Here’s how a GPS Device helps various automobiles’... View Article

Become the Eye in the Sky with GPS Tracking

August 12, 2016 Published by

The GPS tracking device is a revolutionary invention which makes keeping track of your vehicles trouble-free. It is a positioning system that records the exact location of your vehicle in accurate time. This device is chiefly used to track vehicles and fleets all across the globe. Ways GPS tracking benefits various automobile owners: Fleet Tracking-With these tracking systems it is easy to see where every vehicle in your fleet is located all on one map.You can make sure your employees work efficiently and reach their desired destination in a timely manner. It also increases drivers’ accountability and results in safer... View Article

Get Educated About the End of 2G

August 9, 2016 Published by

What is 2G? 2G is cell technology that was used extensively by mobile phone providers and devices that run on those networks, like GPS vehicle-tracking devices for your work vehicles.   Why is 2G going away and why does it matter? Technology evolves, and faster technologies (3G, 4G) have replaced 2G. Many major data carriers like AT&T have announced plans to turn off their 2G towers by end of 2016, and are already taking down their 2G towers. GPS users on 2G are already starting to see service degradation and service outages in certain areas meaning their vehicles can’t be... View Article

Understanding the Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Devices

August 4, 2016 Published by

The clear and most fundamental advantage of vehicle tracking systems is that they track the location of your vehicle. Aside from tracking your vehicle’s location, there are other advantages that vehicle tracking offers to help you accomplish your business goals. The fact is, GPS vehicle tracking systems is more than just knowing where your vehicles are. Installing a vehicle tracking system will help you reduce working costs, enhance vehicle safety, improve customer satisfaction, and more: Eliminate unauthorized use of vehicle- Vehicle tracking devices are the best way to stop bad driving behavior of your employees. Your vehicles are crucial to your... View Article

Keeps an eye on your Vehicle with Vehicle Tracking System

July 18, 2016 Published by

What is vehicle tracking system and how can it help in any business? This is possibly the question in the minds of most of the business owners that have heard something about vehicle tracking device. Vehicle tracking allows business owners or managers to see the site of the vehicle at all times. It also helps to know the routes taken by the drivers. An employee or a driver using a business vehicle that has a vehicle tracking device installed in it can never lie about his location as you can see everything on a map. What is vehicle tracking system... View Article