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Mythbusting: GPS Tracking in TV and Movies

June 14, 2017 7:26 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

GPS tracking is one of the most convenient answers to questions of location in movies. How did you locate the stolen shipment of cars? Where did the kidnappers take their hostage? These questions and more are often magically solved by a single, simple solution: GPS tracking devices. Of course, as per usual, Hollywood is over-exaggerating a bit when it comes to the capabilities and convenience of GPS tracking in movies. In fact, the explanation movies often give for GPS tracking is completely inaccurate! Here are a few myths that movies tend to capitalize on and what the truth behind them... View Article

Dementia and Driving: Seven Signs It’s Time to Stop

June 7, 2017 7:24 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

It’s a hard situation to face, but there may come a time in your life when you need to have a candid conversation with your aging parent and relieve them of their car keys. If they’re suffering from dementia or have showed signs of slowing mental faculties, they may pose a tremendous risk to themselves or others behind the wheel of a car. Taking away their keys may not be easy, but it’s often necessary. How do you know when it’s time to retire an aging person’s driving privileges? There are many telltale signs that can alert you to developing... View Article

Increase Child Safety with GPS Tracking Devices for School Buses

May 21, 2017 10:18 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

School buses perform an incredibly important role in transportation and in child safety. Buses offer a safe mode of transportation to and from school for many students, including those who do not have an alternative mode of transportation. In order to serve their purpose, school buses must be reliable. School buses must also maintain a degree of safety and consistency in order to keep the minds of parents and students at ease. One way to increase the safety of school buses and the students who ride them is to implement GPS tracking devices that can provide essential information. Installing such... View Article

GPS Tracking Devices for City Vehicles

May 14, 2017 10:14 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

City vehicles such as police cars, patrol vehicles and even street sweepers all have essential tasks related to the operation, sanitation and safety of a city. Because the safe operation and the efficiency of these vehicles is so essential, incorporating GPS tracking devices into these vehicles can be an excellent step towards increased safety and availability of important information related to the whereabouts and the performance of city vehicles. Not only does GPS tracking make it easy to get information about your vehicles, it can also help increase safety and reduce costs: Reduced costs: Without tracking, it can be difficult... View Article

How Service Business Owners Can Use GPS

May 7, 2017 10:09 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

There are several factors that go into running a successful service business, not the least of which is an outstanding degree of customer service and satisfaction. Because the service industry is so heavily driven by the happiness of the customer, it is essential that business owners do everything that they can to ensure a streamlined delivery of their services. Through vehicle GPS tracking and electronic monitoring, business owners are afforded the unique opportunity to see precise data related to the operation of their fleet. This opportunity to be “in the passenger seat,” so to speak, can increase understanding of the... View Article

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